Chakra mantras (body logo)

1st:  I am firmly rooted to the earth.  My body is healthy and well. I feel at home in my body. I am safe, strong, and alive.

2nd: I am a desirable person. It is safe for me to feel things. I experience pleasure in my life.  I move effortlessly with the flow of my unique life.

3rd:  I am strong and powerful. I believe in my full potential. I open to the prosperity and abundance of the universe. I easily accomplish what I set out to do.

4th: I love and nourish myself. I am lovable.  I open my heart and allow others to love me.

5th:  I freely speak my truth.  I listen.  I am heard.

6th:  I am intuitive. I trust my inner voice and vision. I connect to the deep and eternal wisdom that resides within me.

7th:  I am connected to a larger life force. I am a divine being. I am always learning.

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