Downtown Iowa City Yoga Classes

We are offering a hybrid session; Live attendance (with proof of covid vaccination) as well as class via ZOOM. Are next 10 week session begins November 1st, 2021.

To join a class, simply visit OUR SCHEDULE, choose your desired class and payment amount (you can pay regular price as a way to support our small business or chose a discounted price that we are offering during this time period), and you will receive an email after purchasing the class with a link to join our zoom class.  It’s easy!

If you’ve never done yoga before, we encourage you enrolling in our Brand New Beginners Series Sign up for Series here

  • Heartland teachers are skilled in offering modifications so all participants in the class can have a fulfilling practice. We believe you should listen to the wisdom of your own body and approach classes at the pace, and with the props, most appropriate for you.
  • All of the classes currently offered are all levels classes, meaning they are appropriate for all students, not matter ability level or experience. Modifications are provided so both beginners and experienced yogis alike are able to have a deep and fulfilling practice.

Heartland Yoga Studio offers a variety of yoga styles, some of which are not available at other local studios.

We hope you join us for a class! Following yoga, sip tea and meet others to help build and support our yoga community in the heartland of Iowa City.

For accessibility, we have provided two free guided practices on relaxation, breath & movement below. Password “Namaste”.


Breath & movement:


Heartland Instructors

Brand New Beginners

This series is 4 consecutive classes. If you’ve never done yoga before or feel intimidated by starting in a class of all levels, this is the perfect way to get comfortable with the poses.

Sundays at 5:30PM – 6:45PM.

The class curriculum is designed to cover all the major yoga poses, so that by the end of the series, a student will feel comfortable and confident taking any all levels yoga classes at Heartland. Various Heartland Yoga staff will teach the course, giving students an opportunity to experience different teaching styles. Each class will provide handouts to take home. All yoga mats and props are provided.

Cost is $49 for 4 classes. We recommend trying to take the classes 4 weeks in a row. However, if you miss one of the weeks, you can make up that class anytime during the next month.

Picture from under a tree in fall with red leaves.

Heartland Instructors

Community Yoga

The class is donation based…pay what you can.

“Recovery is the bridge between who you were and who you are.”

There are multiple ways to check-out from the present moment (caffeine, sugar consumption, over/under eating, drugs and alcohol, Facebook, gambling, sex, shopping and/or continuous connection to your phone).  Checking-out causes a sense of separation from ourselves and others. Addiction is the ultimate form of disconnection and separation.

Yoga, on the other hand, is about connection. Through the exploration of breath, meditation, and movement this class will offer the opportunity to reconnect to yourself within a community of folks who desire the same.

This class is open to all body types, recovery paths, and abilities. Donation based. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Q-munity Yoga for LGBTQ Community

With Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz, Shawn Westbrook, V Fixmer-Oraiz, Zachary
Rochester, and Leah Allen. Engage in community building and self-care while
practicing all levels, life affirming yoga with other queer, radical, gender
creative, and otherwise non-conforming folk. The Q-munity Yoga teachers and
Heartland Yoga offer this class free of charge for our community.

Picture from under a tree in fall with red leaves.

Heartland Instructors

Restorative Yoga

This class has been paused during studio closure. 

Restorative Yoga consists of relaxed postures that are held for several minutes at time. Practitioners use a variety of props to support the body and maximize comfort. Restorative poses are designed to induce the relaxation response in the body, allowing the body to “rest and digest,” both reducing and preventing physical and psychological stress.

This class combines Restorative postures in a calming and rejuvenating practice. It is ideal for stress relief, provides an excellent balance with other forms of yoga and exercise, and is effective in preparing practitioners for meditation. It is appropriate for beginning and seasoned yogis alike, as all postures can easily be adapted to fit the individual.

Registration + Costs

When registering and paying for a class, you can do so from the Schedule page, each individual class event. Or you can email us at

The price for a 10-week session is $135 or $120 (student)

You can join a session at any time. If you join after it has already started, we will prorate the remainder of the classes so you get the reduced rate.

We understand the need for flexibility, so drop-ins remain welcome! Cost for a drop-in is $16 / $13 (student).