Yoga Classes – Iowa City

Classes are offered for all experience levels, ages, and fitness levels. Our studio model is based on 10 week sessions, however walk-ins are always welcome in any class. If you’ve never done yoga before, please enroll with our Brand New Beginners Series!

Heartland teachers are skilled in offering modifications so all participants in the class can have a fulfilling practice. We believe you should listen to the wisdom of your own body and approach classes at the pace, and with the props, most appropriate for you.

All of the classes currently offered are all levels classes, meaning they are appropriate for all students, not matter ability level or experience. Modifications are provided so both beginners and experienced yogis alike are able to have a deep and fulfilling practice.

Heartland Yoga Studio offers a variety of yoga styles, some of which are not available at other local studios.

We hope you join us for a class! Following yoga, sip tea and meet others to help build and support our yoga community in the heartland of Iowa City.


Registration + Costs

When registering and paying for a class, you will do this with the teacher directly. Payment will be made directly to each individual teacher. To register, contact the teacher directly.

The price for a 10-week session is $135 or $120 if you are a student. You can join a session at any time. If you join after it has already started, we will prorate the remainder of the classes so you get the reduced rate.

We understand the need for flexibility, so drop-ins remain welcome! Cost for a drop-in is $16 / $13 for students.

To register, contact your teacher or

This series is 4 consecutive classes. If you’ve never done yoga before or feel intimidated by starting in a class of all levels, this is the perfect way to get comfortable with the poses.

Sundays at 5:30PM – 6:45PM.

The class curriculum is designed to cover all the major yoga poses, so that by the end of the series, a student will feel comfortable and confident taking any all levels yoga classes at Heartland. Various Heartland Yoga staff will teach the course, giving students an opportunity to experience different teaching styles. Each class will provide handouts to take home. All yoga mats and props are provided.

Cost is $49 for 4 classes. We recommend trying to take the classes 4 weeks in a row. However, if you miss one of the weeks, you can make up that class anytime during the next month.

To sign up online, click here.

Alternatively, email to register.

Flow through poses at a slow to moderate pace with specific focus on alignment as a way to safely attain balance, strength, and flexibility.

Props may be used as a way to open and increase your body’s potential.  Each class tends to work with a theme and/or a focus on a specific aspect of the practice (such as hip openers, twists, inversions, backbends etc).

As you learn the basics of alignment, you can experience greater stability and comfort, not only in the body, but also the mind.

Currently, our Kundalini teacher is not teaching weekly classes but will continue teaching workshops and playing gong baths at our special events.

Like other yoga classes, a Kundalini class challenges you in the studio to better enable you to face the challenges in your life off the mat, but a Kundalini class may include breath-work, mudras, mantras, and postures that you may never do in any other yoga class.

How is it different from other types of yoga?

It is known as the “Mother Yoga,” as it contains all aspects of yoga, including: postures, breath, mantra, meditation, and relaxation. In Kundalini Yoga all kriyas and meditations have been time tested by ancient yogis – the teacher is not making it up on their own! There are over 5,000 kriyas and over 8,000 meditations so you may never have the same class twice!

Why does my teacher wear white and cover their head?

White contains all colors and causes the aura or the energy body that surrounds us to expand by 8 feet, so in each class, you will notice your teacher typically wears white.  Kundalini yoga teachers also wear something on their head to protect the 7th chakra or energy center at the crown of the head.  Most of you know that by covering your head in the cold you trap the heat from escaping out of your head, and this is a similar concept.

What should I expect from a Kundalini yoga class?

Come prepared for a class of movement, chanting, breathing and meditation.  Classes can be anywhere from soothing and relaxing, to vigorous and energizing – you will never have the same class twice!

Do I have to be experienced to take a Kundalini class?

No previous yoga experience necessary, beginners are welcome in any class.

ParaYoga is a holistic and authentic approach to modern yoga. Rooted in Tantra, Ayurveda and Classical Yoga, ParaYoga was founded by Yogarupa Rod Stryker.
In class, dynamic asana is woven with pranayama, chanting, visualization, bandhas, and meditation as a way to increase the flow of prana (vital life force), shift your mind state, and bring you more into balance.  The goal in each ParaYoga class is to cultivate energetic balance, illumination and inner brilliance, and a remembrance of your True Nature.
Fannie’s classes are physically challenging, but modifications are available for all levels.
To register, contact

The class is donation based…pay what you can.

“Recovery is the bridge between who you were and who you are.”

There are multiple ways to check-out from the present moment (caffeine, sugar consumption, over/under eating, drugs and alcohol, Facebook, gambling, sex, shopping and/or continuous connection to your phone).  Checking-out causes a sense of separation from ourselves and others. Addiction is the ultimate form of disconnection and separation.

Yoga, on the other hand, is about connection. Through the exploration of breath, meditation, and movement this class will offer the opportunity to reconnect to yourself within a community of folks who desire the same.

This class is open to all body types, recovery paths, and abilities. Donation based. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Restorative Yoga consists of relaxed postures that are held for several minutes at time. Practitioners use a variety of props to support the body and maximize comfort. Restorative poses are designed to induce the relaxation response in the body, allowing the body to “rest and digest,” both reducing and preventing physical and psychological stress.

This class combines Restorative postures in a calming and rejuvenating practice. It is ideal for stress relief, provides an excellent balance with other forms of yoga and exercise, and is effective in preparing practitioners for meditation. It is appropriate for beginning and seasoned yogis alike, as all postures can easily be adapted to fit the individual.

Vinyasa Flow is a moving meditation, helping students to link breath with movement, deepen bodily awareness through good alignment, and build strength and flexibility. Pranayama (breath work) and seated meditation may also be included. All levels of students are welcome.  For more specific descriptions of each class, see below.
Nourishing Flow
This new class is half gentle slow flow vinyasa and half restorative/recuperative poses. Perfect if you’re needing to slow down, or if you’re looking for a gentler practice.
Mindful Vinyasa

A well-balanced, mindful, feel good class!

Noon Vinyasa Flow
This class—set to healing music—will flow through sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and end with a soothing restorative pose. You will work your entire body, clear and calm your mind, and leave feeling more balanced and refreshed for your day. This is the perfect fun noon activity to slip into your day! All levels of students are welcome.

Vinyasa Restorative Flow

The first half of class will be an inspiring vinyasa slow-flow that will build on traditional Sun/Moon Salutations. As always, modifications will be offered, and creating your own flow, at your own pace (i.e. skipping plank, cobra, etc. in favor of something more nurturing for your own body) will be encouraged. Class will flow to music and gentle adjustments will be offered.
This will prepare us for the second half of class, where we’ll settle into stillness, using supportive props for maximum relaxation. An eclectic mix of meditation, mudras, and breath work will also be included.
Who is this class for? 

This class is well suited for anyone interested in a well-balanced, 75-minute retreat, with openness to a physical and mental challenge. This class will leave you feeling like you accomplished a sufficient physical practice, while also feeling rested, refreshed, and focused to smoothly transition into your week.

In this gentle class based on Classical Hatha Yoga theory and practice, we will take time to slow down. Pausing to center ourselves and practice with full awareness, we will build flexibility, strength and balance of not only body, but mind.

Classes will include pranayama (breathwork), joint opening stretches, asana (postures), relaxation and meditation. We will also explore how to apply yoga’s ancient wisdom to modern life. Appropriate for all levels.

Contact Jaeda at to register for classes.

Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness is classic mediation & yoga teachings brought to the West by Paramhansa Yogananda in 1920.

With a focus on relaxation and meditation one can expect to leave class:

  • Feeling centered and energized
  • Develop a personal practice and understanding of traditional yoga teachings
  • Learn to use breath and yoga postures to improve concentration
  • Positively change your brain