Josh is first and foremost a student of yoga. He has studied with many senior teachers in
order to receive wisdom in the traditional method for learning whereby knowledge is passed
from teacher to student.

Additionally, insights from years of teaching, practicing, and treating pain as a therapist,
have served to shape Josh’s approach to teaching. This culminates as a more student-centric
practice so that yoga is attuned to the contemporary body-mind. In this way, student and
teacher learn to safely apply yogic techniques to unlock physical, mental and energetic knots.
Josh believes that practicing yoga can be thought of as a way of taking back our body
and mind from our conditioning so that we might learn to flow with loving energy and spark an
awareness that our potential to experience joy is linked to the health and vitality of our

The repertoire of movements and postures increases in a progressive manner – as one
group is integrated, new movements and postures are introduced. Applying this method often
requires modifying some forms and when necessary, tailoring specific sequences to address
any injuries or concerns. With regular practice, practitioners learn to move fluidly, safely and

Guided Self-Practice Yoga provides practitioners with the means to plant the seeds of
health, vitality, and self-awareness. Over time, the fruits of practice come to bear as more
thoughtful and loving connections with ourself, others, and our surroundings