• Please be on time. Arriving a few minutes early gives you the opportunity to center or to stretch and prepare for class. When you arrive, breathe and let go!
    • If you arrive late, please wait outside the studio until centering is over. The teacher will help you find a space. If you must leave early, please do so before savasana
  • Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio as we are a shoe-free environment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, and if possible, avoid wearing heavy perfumes or other heavily scented products as other yogis may be allergic.
  • Practice on an empty stomach. It is best to avoid eating a heavy meal 2-3 hours prior to class.
  • Please turn cell phones off and honor the quiet space of the studio.
  • Inform your teacher about any injuries or conditions that may affect your practice before class begins.
  • Practice compassion, or ahimsa, toward yourself and those around you. The class may at times challenge you to your edge. Take a breather if necessary, listening to your body and honoring your edge with respect and self-love.
  • At the end of class, please clean your mat and return all props to their place.


We invite you to take time to relax afterwards with tea, enjoying the company of your fellow yogis in our beautiful studio!