About Heartland Yoga Studio


The name of the studio reflects the tenet in Indian yogic philosophy that believes the soul is housed in the heart center. The soul’s light is often hidden but is thought to shine brightly in saints and yogis. Everyone contains this brightness in their heart, but we must learn to let go of the tensions, frustrations, traumas, and false beliefs that conceal this light.

Yoga is a tool to help people surrender everything that really isn’t them, and step into their own light. Yoga precisely means “union with self/spirit.” The reason we practice is to remember and become reacquainted with our true nature, which is light and balance and ultimately, bliss.



Heartland Yoga offers opportunities to learn about the many aspects of yoga’s eightfold path such as the physical practice (asana), meditation (dhyana), mindful breathing (pranayama), healthy behaviors (yamas and niyamas), and union with the self (samadhi). Through this balanced practice we not only strengthen our bodies physically but also address our spiritual and mental bodies, all within the supportive network of a yoga community.


Heartland Yoga is on the second floor of the Plaza Towers building, the tallest building in town. Plaza Towers is located in the heart of downtown Iowa City next to the Public Library, where College Street meets Linn Street.

The light filled and spacious studio is an uplifting and peaceful place that sets the stage for your yoga practice.

We hope you join us for a class!  Walk-ins are always welcomed! Following yoga, sip tea and meet others to help build and support our yoga community in the heartland of Iowa City. Props, mats and blankets provided. 

This convenient location, with direct access off the walkway from the Sheraton Parking Ramp, makes it an easy space to find.

Right next door to Eastwind Healing Center, the only holistic healing center in Iowa that offers over 25 different services including acupuncture, massage, nutrition consultation, energy work, and holistic psychology.

heartland yoga studios iowa city (second floor)



When registering and paying for a class, you can do this online or with the teacher directly. Payment will be made directly to each individual teacher.


10 Week Session

Current Session August 23 – October 31, 2021

We run our classes on a session based model. We’ve found that when students commit to a session there is greater continuity in classes, an opportunity to go deeper into the practice, richer community connections, and students observe greater improvements in their lives because of their regular practice.



The price for a 10-week session is $150, but for the current session the first week is free making the session $135. You can join a session at any time. If you join after it has already started, we will prorate the remainder of the classes so you get the reduced rate.

We understand the need for flexibility, and so Drop-Ins remain welcome! Cost for a drop-in is $20/ $15 for students.

The community class on Fridays is a donation based class.  Pay what you like.

The Brand New Beginner Series is a 4-week session that starts the first Sunday of each month.  The next course will begin October 2021.


  1. We require that people who attend live classes in the studio be fully vaccinated.  Please bring proof of vaccination to your first in person class and we will document it for future visits. If you are not vaccinated, we would love to still have you join us via ZOOM.  The majority of our classes will have Zoom access.  Masks are welcome, but not currently required, however this could change based on community guidelines so stay tuned. (The exception to this is the Kids Yoga Class where masks are required.)
  2. We require students bring their own yoga mat and any typical props they like to use.  We will have some props available, but will not be washing after each class, so use at your own risk.
  3. We will be limiting class sizes to a max of 20 per class.  We recommend registration, especially for classes that fill quickly.  Walk-ins are welcome as long as there is space in the class.
  4. If you feel sick, please stay at home and take the class via ZOOM.
  5. We will have a medical grade air purifier in the studio running during all classes.


If you have to miss a class during your 10 week session, you can make up to 3 classes in any other classes offered at the studio during that same 10 week session.  (This does not include making up classes in specially scheduled workshops or events.)


Refund Policy

Refunds are not made, with the exception of a medical excuse.


Class Cancellations

These are made at the discretion of each individual teacher.  For weather cancellations, the teacher will contact you via email if a cancellation is being made.  It is also possible that teachers may set a specific policy around weather cancellations.