established in 2008

About Our Studio.

For the Purpose of Healing

About Heartland Yoga.

Heartland Yoga opened June 2008, the same week Iowa City experienced the worst flooding it had seen in decades. As residents were out helping sandbag, the well-laid plans of a grand opening shifted, teaching the importance of flexibility and compassion. Heartland Yoga still opened that week but offered free classes to any and all as a way to counter the stress of a flooding town.

The water element in the yoga tradition represents emotion. There was an excess of water as our doors opened, which is symbolic of the vision and intention of the studio. Betsy Rippentrop, the founder of Heartland Yoga, created the studio for the purpose of healing. Everyone is in need of healing, whether it be the healing of emotion, pain in the body, or stress and overwhelm. Many have said just entering our yoga space creates an immediate and palpable shift.

Practice With Us

Collective + Community

Our Belief.

We believe in the power of connection and relationship. Being in the presence of other like-minded people with a desire to heal and evolve is a powerful experience.

safe space for all.

Our space is welcome to all body types, all fitness levels, all colors, all genders, all sexual orientations.

free community class.

We offer a free Community class each week: Friday at 4PM (both live and on Zoom) and scholarships for any of our session classes. You can also visit our Community Yoga Playlist on our YouTube channel.


masks are welcome

Masks are not currently required during the actual class. We do recommend wearing a mask in the common area and as you make your way to your mat.

mats + Props

We have mats and props available, but do encourage students to bring their own yoga mat and any typical props they like to use as we cannot guarantee that our equipment is fully sanitized.

20 person limit

We will be limiting class sizes to a max of 20 per class. We recommend registration, especially for classes that fill quickly. Walk-ins are welcome as long as there is space in the class.

feeling sick?

If you feel sick, please stay at home and take the class via Zoom.

Extra Stuff.


If you have to miss a class during your 10 week session, you can make up to 3 classes in any other classes offered at the studio during that same 10 week session.

(This does not include making up classes in specially scheduled workshops or events.)

Class Cancellations

These are made at the discretion of each individual teacher.

For weather cancellations, the teacher will contact you via email if there is a cancellation.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not made, with the exception of a medical excuse.