Betsy Rippentrop, PhD


Betsy Rippentrop offers meditation practice, mind-body connection classes, and yoga workshops in Iowa City
Betsy began an intensive study of the mind and body 18 years ago when she embarked upon a regular meditation practice and the study of psychology. This path led her to pursue her doctorate in psychology where she focused on the mind-body connection, and the relationship of spirituality to health and wellness.


When she discovered yoga, she was amazed at how the ancient wisdom of yoga mirrored her western psychology training. She views the study and practice of yoga to be the “ideal treatment” for anyone seeking to heal the mind and the body.


Her yoga training is in the Anusara style, which she was attracted to due to the life affirming philosophy it promotes. She has studied with many teachers, including Angela Farmer, John Friend, Desiree Rumbaugh, Rod Stryker, Bo Forbes, Gary Kraftsow, and Sally Kempton. Her teaching style combines her background in psychology and spiritual study with the ancient tenents of yoga.


She is the owner of Heartland Yoga, creating the healing space with the intention to serve the community by providing a spiritual space in which to learn, grow, stretch, and connect. She also co-authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Chakras, which is available for purchase at the studio. She maintain’s a private psychology practice at Hearland Yoga. For more information about her work, and to read her blog, go to Dr. Yoga Momma!


Betsy teaches Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9AM.  She also teaches regular workshops on yoga & the mind, and a yoga teacher training.