Emily Basili

Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness with Emily Basili

Emily found yoga a few years ago on her path to self-discovery. Her first formal place of practice was Heartland Yoga. “Heartland yoga is where I fell in love with my body and when I first had the experience of getting lost in the stillness of my own mind.” She is elated to return and have the opportunity to share the teachings of Yoga with others.

Emily completed and received her 200-hour Yoga Certificate in Ananda Yoga for Higher Awareness in the spring of 2015. She is a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, and is pursuing her 500 hour certification. She loves being a teacher but remembers the path of a student is never ending. Ananda Yoga is a meditation, relaxation based practice brought to the United States by Paramhansa Yogananda in 1920.

What is Ananda Yoga: In this class you will learn traditional techniques to gain control of your prana (life force). The class will begin with Yogananda’s Energization Exercises. These exercises stimulate one’s awareness of the subtle energies of the body. Through out the Asana practice positive affirmations will be given to strengthen one’s concentration. The end of class will be a time to fortify one’s concentration and go deep into meditation. Other aspects that will be included throughout the practice include pranayama, meditation techniques, and visualization exercises.

Who is this class for: This class is for anyone looking to deepen their personal spiritual practice through the ancient teachings of Yoga.  Please email Emily at basilie7@gmail.com if you have any questions.