Jackie Kamradt

Jackie came to yoga several years ago looking for a new way to manage stress and find more flexibility in the body. As she continued practicing, she noticed that yoga has the power to transform one’s mind, body, and spirit. After 6 years of practicing various forms of yoga, meditation and various breathing techniques she wanted to deepen her practice by completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training at YOUnique Yoga in Indiana. With a continued interest in the mind-body connection, Jackie got her master’s degree in psychology in 2016 and is completing her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Iowa.
Jackie’s passion lies at the interface of mind-body practices and psychological-science. Research has now confirmed what’s been taught in the ancient practice of yoga- that the mind and body are not separate entities, but rather, they are interconnected, affect one another, and together, affect our health. Yoga can help us optimize our health through strengthening our mind-body connection. The practice allows for deepening our awareness of sensation and tuning into messages from the body, rather than taking our thoughts as truth. As a yoga instructor, she is committed to offering a practice that helps people find freedom in their body, so that they can find freedom in their mind.

Heartland Yoga has been Jackie’s “yoga home base” for several years and she’s thrilled to have the opportunity to pass on the bliss and freedom that she found in her own practice here. Jackie offers a Vinyasa Restorative Flow style class that help you more smoothly transition into your week.

What is Vinyasa Restorative Flow? The first half of class will be an inspiring vinyasa slow-flow that will build on traditional Sun Salutations. Modifications will be offered, and creating your own flow, at your own pace (I.e. skipping plank, cobra, etc. in favor of something more nurturing for your own body) will be encouraged. This will prepare us for the second half of class, where we’ll settle into stillness, using supportive props for maximum relaxation. A thoughtful mix of meditation, mudras, and breath work will also be included.

Who is this class for?
This class is well suited for anyone (including beginners!) who are interested in a well- balanced, 75-minute retreat. Class emphasizes both the physical and psychological
benefits of yoga. Leave feeling like you accomplished a sufficient physical practice, while also feeling refreshed and ready to smoothly transition into your week.


Contact Jackie with questions or to pre-register: yogawjackie@gmail.com