Gems of Supreme Practice: The Teachings of The Yoga Taravali

November 9 – 10, 2024

Gems of Supreme Practice: The Teachings of The Yoga Taravali

with Rod Stryker

Tantra is the source for the full flowering of Yoga. A wholly integrated approach, it is where you find yoga nidra, asana, bandha, pranayama, mudra, mantra, kriya and kundalini yoga, as well as the methods that lead to the heights of meditation. Its teachings are profound, yet practical––helping to ensure that the goals of practice are most accessible.

The 8th century text, the Yoga Taravali, is an exceptional guide for anyone who practices (or teaches) yoga. Concise and clear, its 29 “sutras” highlight the essential practices that lead to yoga’s supreme goals. Taravali means “multitude of stars,” which highlights the intention of the text: point to only the brightest points of light of yogic and tantric techniques.

Over the course of this immersive weekend, Rod will lead you into the key practices outlined in the text. He will guide you through integrated practices that both touch the heart and illumine the mind. You will experience the quiet, potent power and accessibility of the Taravali and gain a new appreciation for the journey of practice. Along the way you will elevate your resilience and steadiness, and return to unsurpassed calm and deep connection (yoga).

Saturday’s classes set the foundation. Sunday’s session continues the journey to the full flowering of yoga. Join us and renew your practice, learn and soak in the precious gems of traditional knowledge and practice. Both days feature the techniques of yoga nidra (the healing power of conscious, dreamless sleep) along with asana, bandha, mudra and meditation. All dedicated practitioners are welcome.

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