“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince
Those who have practiced yoga know it’s benefits. More self awareness, creativity and gratitude just to list a few. What if you had learned these valuable skills as a child?  What if you had learned enhanced self-regulation and recognition of your strengths and opportunities? Oh, the fears one could conquer!
Kimberly, 200 RYT, has been teaching at Heartland for almost two years and recently completed her 95 hour in Kid Yoga through Challenge to Change in Dubuque with Molly Schreiber.  She has been touched and honored to be a part of Molly’s building community of educators and children. Having her own children, Jack (age 8) and Eivan (age 3), she understands the influences children are enduring in their lives today between community, learning and technology. “We can all relate to a child. We are all growing.”
With this opportunity to bring the practices of Yoga to our youth, Kimberly hopes to nurture students behavioral, emotional and physical well being. By using complimenting language, as well as patience and knowledge of development in age, Kimberly will teach students asana, mudras, mantras and breath techniques to enhance confidence and resiliency.  Join our movement.
Privates/ Group Classes available. For questions regarding this class, please reach out to arjes.kimberly@gmail.com