Lily French (she/her)

Lily French (she/her) is a Certified Sound Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Independent Social Worker, and Licensed Massage Therapist with over 20 years of experience supporting people’s self-care, healing, and wellness. Formerly on faculty at the University of Iowa School of Social Work and Windemere Institute of Healing Arts, she has 14 years of combined teaching experience in social work and the healing arts.
Why Sound Healing?
What weaves together Lily’s professional life is a congruent commitment to reduce suffering and oppression. Lily is offering sonic meditation at Heartland to create a community space where people can connect with their own voice, experience how sound impacts them, and participate in collectively creating waves for a new future.
Lily’s journey into sound healing began in her 20s when someone asked a question that profoundly changed her life, “what brings you joy?” Her mind went blank… she was stunned that she had no answer to such a simple question, and that question continued to reverberate. Lily began monitoring her reactions to everything in hopes of finding a spark.
Eventually recognizing that she loved music and intending to add more joy in her life, she unwittingly signed up for a weekend workshop called “The Sound Self” in 2003. This workshop sparked the beginning of a lifelong passion to deeply explore the effects of sound and turned her into a dedicated sound healer.
Whether in physics, physiology or psychology, science defines sound as energy carried in waves. Through lived experiences, Lily has learned that as sound vibrates it moves things… it has the capacity to release, heal, uplift, transform, transcend, unite, harmonize, and transmit energy. This energy can be thoughts, emotions, physical pain, patterns of behavior, or anything that we have packed away or stored
for later in our mind, body and spirit. Combining sound with conscious intention has created some of the most healing, transformative and spiritual experiences of Lily’s life.