Listen Up! Your body has been talking to you, but your mind has been bossing you
around. When the mind gets bossy, it gets LOUD. Even worse, it repeats many of the
same messages you thought about yesterday. “You’re not doing enough,” “Your body
isn’t good enough,” “(Insert the ‘you’re not enough’ message here).” It makes sense that
we’re easily compelled to take our thoughts as truth: When we view our mind as the
boss, we look to it for guidance and feedback. We do what we need to in order to
placate it: reassure it, reason with it, or give it more problems to solve (its favorite
activity). What happens when we serve our mind instead of our body? We get run down,
sick, exhausted, anxious, depressed, and so on. Your mind will tell you lies, but your
body will tell the truth, so Listen Up!
Who is this workshop for?
Do you struggle with indecisiveness, over-efforting, and feeling run down in your
physical and mental health? Do you ever wish you could turn down the volume on self-
doubt and negative thoughts? This workshop is for you if you’re interested in gaining a
boost to more confidently, effectively, and wisely make the best decisions for your
physical and mental health. Developing practical skills to quiet the mind and listen to
your body will transform how you approach your daily life, relationships, and health. All
levels of yoga experience welcome.
What will you learn?
In this two-hour workshop that blends psychological-science with yoga, you will learn
practical tools to “listen up” to your body- to get out of your head and into your life! The
mind thrives on our fast-paced daily lives that are jam-packed with stress and to-do lists.
We find ourselves caught up in thoughts bossing us around to do more, push ahead,
and ignore what we really need: to reset, restore, and refresh. In order to recognize this
though, we have to start listening! Class will integrate didactic and experiential training,
resulting in a transformative practice that you can immediately begin using in your daily
life. You will also receive a self-care “tool kit” to bring home!
“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” -Ram Dass

Date: Wednesday August 28 th 7-9PM @Heartland Yoga

Cost: $35

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