The daily events of life can quickly weigh us down if we don’t develop the necessary
tools to hit the “reset” button and clear out the internal clutter. Transitioning into summer
is the perfect time to shed any remaining heaviness from the unpredictable wet and
windy seasons. In this two-hour workshop that blends psychological-science with yoga,
you will learn practical tools to “lighten up,” from the inside out. This workshop is for
anyone interested in gaining a boost to help clean out their internal “junk drawer” and
travel into the summer more freely, the way it’s meant to be- light and playful! All levels
of yoga experience welcome.

Class will integrate didactic and experiential training, resulting in a transformative
practice that you can immediately begin using in your daily life. You’ll also receive a tip-
sheet with a summary of the tools taught in this workshop.
Lighten Up! We often meet the message with resistance, even when we know it’s true.
It’s hard to let go of what we’re used to, even if what we’re used to is tension, stress,
and “over-efforting.” We tend to make faulty causal assumptions based on our
associated experiences. For example, stress and success often become associated,
leading to the idea that in order to be successful, we must be stressed, tense, anxious,
afraid, and constantly prepared for the next thing to weigh us down. Have you ever
noticed that you feel guilty if you’re not stressed, wondering if it means you aren’t

working hard enough at the moment? Typically, we respond to this cycle through
avoidance. We avoid an unpleasant feeling such as guilt, shame, or regret by adding
more work, more problems to solve, and go on the hunt for something to make us “feel
better,” something to “get rid” of the negative feeling or numb out. By doing so, we add
even more obstacles! Instead of looking inward, we look outward…because that is what
we’re used to and we like certainty. However, there is a much more effective way to
show up for your life and it doesn’t require adding anything. It requires taking stock of
what’s within and shedding what no longer serves you in moving toward a meaningful
life. If we travel light internally, we will arrive on time to wherever it is we need to be.

June 19th @ 7:00-9:00 PM


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