Restorative Yoga & Reiki with Kimberly

June 28th @ 6 pm
Restorative Yoga with Kimberly
“Once we know and remember we are divine, we will not participate and allow anything into our hearts and minds that is not loving and caring. We would treat ourselves and each other like the tender and powerful beings we are.”
-Tricia Hersey.
Come practice a ritual of rest. Come slow down and reclaim your breath, body, and time. Come remember your divinity. Come as you are to explore the journey to rest; noticing thoughts, using mantras, props, and breath work to help the body come to relative stillness with more ease. Kimberly will guide you through 2-4 restorative yoga poses, adjust and support you as you needed and hold the space in quiet.
In person only. $35.
For connection or financial assistance, email