On the third Sunday of each month, we are offering a restorative yoga class co-led by 2 Heartland teachers.  This past January we brought in a outside teacher to train our teachers in the art of restorative yoga.  Part of “our homework” was practicing restorative yoga personally everyday, as well as practicing on each other.  We are excited to now regularly offer this class.  We are limiting class size to 10 people as each participant will use multiple props, and we are co-teaching so every person gets ample attention and care.  The frenetic pace of modern life keeps us all in a state of vigilance and constant stimulation so this class is powerful way to ease the body back to its more natural state of ease. You will rest in 4-5 poses (each pose held anywhere between 5-20 minutes).  Is appropriate for all levels, including beginners. This class is designed to help re-set the nervous system and really is essential for anyone living in today’s fast-paced modern culture.  Cost is $16/$13 student rate.

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