Sound Healing & Meditation with Natalie Brown

Sound Healing & Meditation with Natalie Brown
Join us for this sound meditation and feel the calmness and freedom from worries and stress. Enter the state of deep relaxation and meditation. Allow yourself to rest and be held by soothing sounds and vibrations of singing bowls, violin, gongs, and other instruments while the mind gently drifts away and the body becomes lighter.
Composer, educator, sound healer and multi-instrumentalist, Natalie Brown, has travelled the world performing, recording and teaching music. She was trained classically, starting violin at age 4 and has taught high school orchestra for 14 years. She is the founder and operator of Sounds Heal Studio, providing one-on-one and group sound healing sessions and workshops as well as practitioner training through the International Sound Healing Academy.
She completed Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) teacher training in Rishikesh, India. She also has training and certifications in Reiki, craniosacral therapy, Qigong, acupressure and is an Advanced Level Certified Bio-Well Practitioner. Natalie’s podcast, Sounds Heal Podcast, explores using sound for health and wellness with interviews of top innovators & practitioners in the field. It has been recognized as the #1 music therapy/sound therapy podcast on the web.
Natalie’s goal is to share the benefits of sound healing and help others use sound for self-care, personal growth and to heal.
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