Restorative Yoga 

Third Sunday of the Month

Once per month we offer a restorative yoga class co-led by 2 Heartland teachers to give ample attention and care to each participant.  Class size is limited to 10 people as each participant will use multiple props. The heavy use of props is to support and nourish the body so minimal physical effort is expended. Very few poses (often just 3-4) are practiced as you spend up to 15 minutes in each pose.

Restorative yoga is primarily for the nervous system.  It allows our bodies to naturally return to their set-point of rest/digest (the sympathetic nervous system response).

There are 3 primary benefits to restorative yoga.

  1. To unburden ourselves of the stress we are carrying.
  2. To heal the body and the mind.
  3. To fortify ourselves for the stress we know will come. The more we practice the art of letting go, we create a buffer so when stress does come it doesn’t shake us up as it once did.

Physically, restorative yoga is EASY.  Emotionally, restorative yoga may be challenging.

People often ask why in all settings, restorative yoga, might they have so many difficult thoughts and feelings.

When you relax you body and quiet your mind, you can begin to viscerally process and let go of stored emotions.   Most of the time, the surfacing of the emotion is actually a sign that the practice is doing what it’s meant to do.

Come give yourself permission to rest, practice ease and receptivity, and receive a much needed reset to your nervous system.

Cost of each class is $25.