100 Hour Certification Program with Betsy Rippentrop, PhD

Begins February 1 2021

If you’re interested in Yoga and Psychology, you probably want effective, practical life skills for vibrant health and an awake life.

You know how intricately connected the mind and the body are and the great capacity we all have for healing and for expanded well being.

You  want to help yourself and others to not just get by, but to actually thrive.  To feel good physically, with a clear mind and a sense of resiliency.  To have more moments of genuine happiness.

For 20 years, I’ve wanted all the above and I knew it had to do with healing and strengthening the connection between my mind and my body.

Despite a decade of graduate school getting a doctorate in counseling psychology, what finally brought the clarity and road map I had been searching for came through a deep dive into yoga.

Combining my expertise in psychology and yoga, this course is exactly what I was searching for during my graduate school years – a clear and concise way to integrate the mind and body.

It’s what so many therapists and students in training have come to me asking for.  It’s what my yoga teacher trainees want to learn more about.  And, it is why I routinely have a wait list of patients wanting to work with me because of this focus on both the mind and the body.

I’ve seen firsthand that when we apply the time-tested tools of yoga (that now are also being empirically supported by current research), our physical and mental health is greatly enhanced.

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