Zaria Rochester (she/her)

Zaria James (she/her) is a yoga teacher, sound healing practitioner, and a sincere lover and steward of the tradition of Yoga & Sanatana Dharma. As an educator and activist, Zaria works at the intersections of holistic healing, social justice, and collective liberation. On the ground Zaria has worked in the Fair Trade movement, the labor movement, within rehabilitation homes, in disability services, and currently works as a Reentry Coordinator for a non-profit that supports formerly incarcerated individuals. She is currently undergoing training as a Vedic Counselor, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, and Vedic Astrologer to center health equity within holistic health and more broadly while sharing how yogic philosophy and practice can aid humanity in dismantling systems of harm within and in our world.

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