Kimberly Jaeger-Arjes


Kimberly started practicing yoga in 2009. While living in the west coast, she found herself indulged in the physical image but lacking balance in the mind and spirit. It wasn’t until after Kimberly moved back to Iowa and her 1st son Jack was born that she realized the essential connection of body mind and spirit and to strive for balance and liberation. 
Kimberly was certified in 2016, taught by Heartland Yoga owner Betsy Rippentrop and Fusion Yoga owner Marsha Nieland. Kimberly guides an anusara inspired flow focusing on alignment, space and breath. Her themes are set to inspire growth, strength and reassurance that everyone has purpose. 
Kimberly strives to see the beauty or the lesson in all that she experiences, learning most from her children and students. She praises the vulnerability and transparency that yoga attributes and believes blessings come in the form of people while building this conscious community. Kimberly hopes to always be of service and to grow in love while continuing to stay playful.   To contact Kimberly, please email