2 Hour Workshop

by Dr Yoga Momma - Betsy Rippentrop


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Dr Yoga Momma - Betsy Rippentrop

What I’ve noticed in myself, and the many people with whom I’ve worked, is how easy it is to numb out in response to the buzz of modern day life. We disconnect from the stress and demands in countless ways, whether it is with food, wine, sugar, caffeine, incessant talking, TV, Facebook obsession, workaholism, extreme exercise, Internet surfing, sleeping, shopping or focusing on everyone else but ourselves. Geneen Roth calls this zipping out of our bodies, and it happens at the first sign of discomfort, stress or challenge.

This blog is dedicated to the opposite of numbing — being awake and present to your life. Combining my two decades of expertise in yoga practice and psychology studies, along with my life as a professional, wife, and mom of three, Dr. Yoga Momma is an integrated guide to help you be a happier and lively individual in this world.

As we awaken to our true nature and develop a strong connection with our goodness and light, we become beacons of inspiration to our children, family, friends, and workplace. Because we commit to waking up, our presence encourages others, either consciously or unconsciously, to do the same.

This is how we change things, not by what we do, but how we are.

It’s time to wake up. Your incredible life is waiting!