Elevate Workshop

Discover Your Dharma
April 26-28 (Friday 6-9PM, Saturday 10-5PM, Sunday 9-1PM)

Elevate is a weekend workshop designed to uplevel your life by creating a space for you to dive into yourself, listen, and get clear on what you really want.  The program is based on the concept that if we can commit to 5 roots (yoga, meditation, attitude, connection, and sleep) we manifest our desires with less effort and we become more connected to the best version of our self.

The April Elevate program (April 1-3) will be focused on the big question of dharma.  Dharma can be understood to mean our duty, our life purpose, our truth, or how we lead our life.  All of us are interested in this question, as we all seek to figure out what is the meaning of life and why am I here.   No one can really answer this question for you, however this workshop will give you clues from the yoga tradition that point you toward discovering the answers that are within.

What is well established in the yoga tradition is that when we figure out our dharma and put our heart into it, this is when we feel happiest and most fulfilled. Yogis believe our greatest responsibility in this life is to this inner possibility of finding our true calling.

“The key to happiness is very simple. First, become clear what your duty or purpose is in life.  Second, learn to love it.” –Swami Rama

Date & Time: April 26-28, 2019 (Friday, 6-9 pm, Saturday,10-5 pm, Sunday, 9-1:00 pm )
Investment in you- $299
Location: Fusion Studio, 42-7th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Register: https://heartlandyoga.com/schedule/600-elevate-weekend-begins-with-betsy-marsha-fusion-studio/

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Betsy Rippentrop & Marsha Nieland

Betsy Rippentrop found yoga 18 years ago while attempting to survive graduate school and the course of her life was forever changed. She is the ultimate “seeker” and cannot seem to drink up enough knowledge and training in yoga, meditation, energy work, esoteric spirituality and mind body medicine. She also holds a PhD in counseling psychology and owns Heartland Yoga. Weaving together the wisdom traditions of yoga and psychology are her life’s work, with the intention of expanding people’s consciousness, creating more joy, and less suffering.

Marsha Nieland is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, an intuitive artist and a seeker of optimal health and wellness. She has worked in the health arena for over 30 years and is the owner of Fusion Studio. Marsha offers destination yoga retreats in the US and internationally, and enjoys mentoring and developing new yoga teachers through her teacher training programs. Marsha was honored to be named one of the 2017 Women of Influence in the Corridor. Her mission is to lead people towards their true selves and experience optimal health and well-being.